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Dan Zittoun, Principal 

September 6, 2016


1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Amy Cubbage. Introductions of Board members and others in attendance were made. Lisa Greene made a motion to approved the minutes from the May 9, 2016 Board meeting and Anna Webersen seconded the motion. The following report by John Guidry about the Principal's Fund was added to the May 9th minutes:

Human Rights Day $200 miscellaneous items, food, supplies

Do Something Day $300 supplies, materials, food

Dodgeball/Ultimate Frisbee $250 T-shirts, supplies

Student Assistance $250 Field trips, programs, caps and gowns

Total $1,000

Those in attendance were Amy Cubbage, Anna Webersen, Lisa Greene, Nancy Hunt, Andrea DeSimone-Rafferty, Randi O'Brien, Karen Hoopes, Suzanne Tripp, Patti Mohler, Karen Tiernan, Monte Henderson, Anne Donovan, Suzanne Vide, Dan Zittoun, Brenda Belucci, Lena Tan, Brenda Barrows, Val Michaels, Laura Harker, Jane Robinson, Alexis Davidoff, Carole Lund and Tammy Hochman.


2. Treasurer's Report - Laura Harker and Jane Robinson

a. Jane presented the proposed budget for 2016/2017. The PTO has a cash balance of $14,430.12 to start the year. Total income of $11,000 for the year is expected based on conservative estimates. Income is derived from membership dues (estimated at $8,500) and net concession stand proceeds (estimated at $2,500). The final budget is under revision and will be presented and voted on at the next Board meeting.

b. The Board discussed increasing program funding based on the available cash balance, which is higher than in past years. The Treasurers are open to requests for funding and have flexibility built into the budget to accommodate new requests.

c. The Board discussed establishing a minimum year end fund balance. Once this minimum is established all funds exceeding this amount would be spent toward Hall programming and other school needs.

3. Administrative Business

a. Anna passed around a list to obtain updated cell phone numbers from Board members. She updated the Board on the Faculty/Staff lunch at the beginning of the school year; it was well received by those in attendance.

b. Amy updated the Board about Principal's Coffees planned for the year. Two to three coffees are planned. The first will be held in October and will be a meet and greet with Dan Zittoun and Kim Ambroise, the new Assistant Principal.

c. Unified Theater is coming to Hall this year as a pilot program. It will serve students from both Conard and Hall and will run in the fall. Conard will continue to host Unified Theater for Conard and Hall students in the spring semester. The $750 fee for the program is waived for our first year. The Board discussed splitting it in future years among Hall, the PTO and other sources.

d. Brenda Belucci shared a thank you card from the family of Gerald Lavery. She will talk to the Hall graphics department to have Hall stationary printed.

4. Committee Updates

a. Membership – $2,800 has been received so far in membership dues. Approximately 108 families have signed up, mostly parents of freshman. Membership solicitations continue to be made via email blasts and will be made at Curriculum Night on September 21st. Directories, including email addresses, will be available at Curriculum Night. Volunteers are needed to sign up new members and to distribute directories. A Sign Up Genius will be created to organize parent volunteers. Membership chairs are also planning to recruit student volunteers to help out during Curriculum Night.

b. Communications – The first email blast was sent in mid August and a second was sent last week. The distribution list from last year is being used; parents can easily opt out if their student graduated. Forty new contacts were added this week for a total of 566 names on the list. Lisa and Nancy plan to send an email blast out on the second school day of each week. Items for the newsletter can be emailed to them or to the PTO email address by midnight of the previous day. Board members are encouraged to contribute information to the newsletter.

c. Fundraising/Concessions – Monte noted that there are five home football games this year. Volunteers are needed for concessions. Food sold consists of hot dogs, pop corn, nachos, water and Gatorade. Cotton candy will be added this year. The Board discussed donating items to sell at the snack shack, such as water bottles, to increase the profit margin. A long term goal is to upgrade the snack shack. Anne and Suzanne discussed fundraising results for the year to date. $463 was raised on August 30th at the freshman parent meeting through the sale of magnets, cinch sacks, and shopping bags. $187 was raised on September 1st at the freshman parent substance abuse meeting through the sale of these items. Lisa proposed selling Hall flags as an additional fundraising item.

d. Hospitality – Karen and Suzanne had difficulty getting food donations for the August 30th freshman parent meeting. Donations will also be needed for Curriculum Night.

e. Programs – Former NBA player Chris Herren is scheduled to speak at Hall and Conard this year. The date is not yet determined. The cost to Hall is $2,000 for speaking fees. The program will be held in the gym and chairs will be rented to accommodate the whole student body; the cost of the chair rental is not yet determined. The presentation will be live streamed and a follow up meeting for parents about drug abuse will be planned. Other programs under consideration are a presentation about sleep and school start times by Hall parent Susan Rubman, PhD., a documentary, and guidance counselor programs (senior planning night, college fair etc.) The University of Saint Joseph is presenting a Youth Suicide Prevention Forum on September 13th. In conjunction with Conard, Sarah Townswick will also work on Community of Concern programs for the year.

f. Safe Grad – The wrap up meeting from the 2016 Safe Grad party will be held on September 7th. The Safe Grad kick off meeting is September 28th at 7:00 p.m. Lexy Davidoff has volunteered to co-chair it. One more co-chair is needed. Parent volunteers from all grades are welcome and encouraged to participate in preparing for the event. Lexy intends to work with Conard to share ideas and perhaps fundraising.

6. Principal's Report - Dan Zittoun

a. Hall had a terrific school opening. The 80 volunteers for Link Crew were given credit for helping the freshman transition into Hall.

b. All class meetings have taken place except with the freshman class.

c. Several building improvements were made over the summer including updating the main office, adding LED hallway lighting throughout the school, resurfacing of the gym floor, adding approximately 40 security cameras, adding several water stations and redoing the auditorium stage.

d. The new science wing is planned for 2017/2018 and will include four new biology labs, four new chemistry labs and the renovation of eight current science classrooms into six.

e. All teachers are required this year to use Google Classroom to post their syllabus and all class assignments.

f. The guidance department was reconfigured; two guidance counselors handle freshman and the remaining six handle sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The freshman guidance counselors will write college recommendation letters for their former students during this transition year.

g. Amy asked Dan to consider Principal's Fund requests.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Brenda Barrows and Val Michaels.

Next meeting to be held on November 2, 2016.

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