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Fund for the Common Good

Hall High School prepares all students to be educated, responsible citizens who contribute collaboratively, independently and innovatively to a dynamic global community.

In the spirit of Hall’s mission, members of the Hall Class of 1960 established the Fund for the Common Good (FCG). The Fund is an opportunity for students to identify issues of importance to them and that support service on behalf of the common good. Funded projects are required to have learning, action, and documentation components and embrace some or all of the following qualities: intellectual curiosity; inclusion; empowerment; collaboration, innovation.

Each year, through an educational grants process, students are invited to consider the common good and develop a project in support of the concept. Typical considerations might be access to healthy foods and safe water; racial, religious, socio/economic, and ethnic equity; environmental preservation; or affordable housing.  Any approved group of two or more Hall students may submit a project proposal. If the proposal is accepted by a working committee, the Fund covers costs related to the project. With an acceptance, the group undertakes the project and, on completion, submits a report that is filed in a public archive.

In 2020, this legacy gift marked 60 years since graduation for the Class of 1960. The Fund expresses gratitude to those who touched their lives while students at Hall as well as their confidence that future generations of students will help make the world a better place.

Under the auspices of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, it is a Fund in perpetuity.