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Fund for the Common Good - Examples

The following examples of themes and related projects are just a handful of possibilities. What is your understanding of the common good? What theme would you like to pursue? What project would you design to address that theme? 

Example - Social justice and equity
A study group explores educational resources suggested on the website for the National Museum of the American Indian and designs a mini curriculum for study in a particular area that might be a curricular option.

Example - Diversity and inclusion
Members of the Student Equity and Diversity Council plan presentations to students, faculty, and parents by author of Courageous Discomfort, who addresses how to create communities where everyone feels a sense of belonging.
(Funded project 2022-23)

Example - Disability awareness and support 
A few sports teams work together to explore accessibility to practice fields and bleachers at Hall and in the local community and publish recommendations for any improvements.

Example - Community engagement
Students in the Bake Someone Happy Club prepare baked goods and distribute them to homeless shelters in the Hartford area.
(Funded project 2021-22)

Chem4Kids students who share a deep interest in STEM fields prepare ‘chemistry boxes’ with materials and instructions for science activities for use by teachers in local elementary schools.
(Funded project 2021-22)

Example - Protecting the environment
Students with an interest in environmental issues work together to set up the e-car charging station in the students’ parking lot at Hall; they create publicity to notify drivers of the resource.