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Fund for the Common Good - Examples

The following examples of themes and related projects are just a handful of possibilities. What is your understanding of the common good? What theme would you like to pursue? What project would you design to address that theme? 

EXAMPLE - Social justice and equity

A study group explores educational resources suggested on the website for the National Museum of the American Indian and designs a mini curriculum for study in a particular area that might be a curricular option.

EXAMPLE - Diversity and inclusion

Club members from the Black Student Alliance and the Art Club design an art project, for example, a mural, that addresses the theme of black culture at Hall and stresses “the importance of unity and cultural education and involvement to the student body.”

EXAMPLE - Disability awareness and support

A few sports teams work together to explore accessibility to practice fields and bleachers at Hall and in the local community and publish recommendations for any improvements.

EXAMPLE - Community engagement

Together, several Clubs partner with Hands on Hartford to design a unique service project that invites Hall students to engage in days of service for the homeless.

EXAMPLE - Protecting the environment

Students with an interest in environmental issues work together to set up the e-car charging station in the students’ parking lot at Hall; they create publicity to notify drivers of the resource.