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Fund for the Common Good - Project Report

Thank you for undertaking a project in support of the Fund for the Common Good (FCG). This report gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you learned and to share that with others. Please answer the following questions via this Google Form Reports are due by April 30, 2023.
Project Summary
  1. Describe the work that was done and the results of the activity, program, or event. If the actual work differed from what you proposed, please explain.
  2. Who were the participants?
  3. How were your funds spent?
  4. What were your measures of success? What were you able to achieve?
  5. What did you learn from doing this project?  
  6. Why was your project socially relevant?  


Project Reflection

Please add any comments about the grant process you experienced, for example, the background information provided on the Fund; guidance received; the application process. What might you do differently in the future?