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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts curriculum provides a sequential and meaningful focus on skills and concepts while emphasizing art production, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism.

Instruction and student learning are driven by the National Core Arts Standards ( 2015) and corresponding anchor standards of Creating, Presenting, Responding and Connecting. These standards foster development of Visual Arts literacy, inquiry skills, 21st century and life skills.

A quality education in the Visual Arts will provide students with the means to:

  • Value art as an important realm of human activity, and a lifelong source of insight and understanding
  • Offer self-reflective opportunities focusing on expression and development of personal style
  • Provide opportunities to develop interpersonal skills through collaborative work
  • Improve perceptual skills and strengthen knowledge base
  • Enhance critical and creative thinking abilities as well as problem solving skills
  • Develop visual literacy skills
  • Broaden career opportunities and possible application
  • Foster development of 21st century skills

The Visual Arts Department promotes artistic development, fosters development of visual literacy, critical thinking skills, intellectual risk-taking and lifelong learning. The curriculum is grounded in the (1994) National Standards. The curriculum is currently being revised using the National Core Arts Standards DRAFT (2015) (NCAS) as a guide. The program is grounded in developing student-centered experiences that promote meaningful discourse.


Grades 9 -12

Full Year Courses

  • Ceramics I
  • Drawing I
  • Painting I
  • 3D Studio Art I

Grades 10 - 12

Full Year Courses

  • Ceramics II
  • Drawing II
  • Painting II
  • 3D Studio Art II

Grades 11 -12

Full Year Courses

  • Visual Arts Concepts
  • 3D Studio Art II
  • AP Studio Art (grade 11 at teacher discretion)


Robert Loebell

AP Studio Art, Drawing, Open Studio

Rachael Martinelli

Ceramics, Painting
paint brushes