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ASK (Alternative Search for Knowledge) is a Tier 2 intervention program at Hall High School that has been instructing, guiding and mentoring students for over 40 years.

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Students that qualify for the ASK program have not performed consistently at their potential in traditional classes, or have demonstrated a need for additional support. ASK students are mentored in their other classes to help them achieve and progress towards graduation and future academic challenges. Historically, ASK students have shown substantial improvement and have sought post high school educational experiences. To qualify for the program, a student should be recommended by a teacher, counselor, family member or by the ASK staff. An interview is arranged and, if accepted, students choose to participate. ASK students may enroll for a year or longer as the course titles and content rotate every three years. ASK is primarily for juniors and seniors.

ASK is a two period interdisciplinary, team-taught English and Social Studies course, which introduces students to a variety of contemporary American and world issues. In English, students will explore literature that reflect various styles, themes and cultural perspectives and will improve their ability to read for meaning, purpose and personal connection through contemporary literature. A thematic mix of classic, modern and contemporary poetry is a weekly accompaniment to the curriculum. Students are required to read independently outside of class and can follow their interests in that assignment. In social studies, students will focus on those issues in American society and the world about which an informed citizen should be familiar. The class will draw from contemporary issues and events and their historical context. Discussion and writing are the primary assessments for both classes. English fulfills the department’s literature/writing requirement, and Social Studies fulfills the American Government credit. For more information about the ASK program, please contact the ASK Coordinator, Jim Solomon.


James Polites

ASK, Social Studies Teacher

James Solomon

ASK, English Teacher