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Social Studies

The purpose of history and social studies is to prepare students to ask and seek answers to meaningful questions and prepare them with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become informed participants in an ever-changing global community and to act responsibly to improve its condition. 

Students are required to complete 3 credits of Social Studies for graduation. These credits must include: 1 of Modern World History, 1 of U.S. History, and .5 of American Government.


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Dr. Justin Boucher

AP Capstone, AP Psychology/Psychology Teacher

Asia Clermont

US African American History, US History

Thomas Devine

History of Modern Warfare, Modern World History

Elise Dunphe

AP Modern Euro, Modern World History

Michelle Flaucher

AP US History, US History

Julia Jensen

ESOL American Government, Modern World History

Amanda McCarroll

AP Modern Euro, Modern World History, Skills Seminar

Patrick McManus

AP US History, Classical Studies, US History

Caitlyn Metsack

Interim Teacher

Joel Ortiz

American Government, Intro Psychology

Jessica Palliardi

Intro Sociology, Modern World History

Colleen Peling

American Government, AP Economics

James Polites

ASK, Social Studies Teacher

Joshua Satlof

Social Studies Teacher

Candice Schiesel

Social Studies Teacher

Dr. Lara White

AP Psychology, Intro Anthropology