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The SSPT collaboratively assesses individual student needs, identifies appropriate supports, develops systematic approaches to address those needs, and continuously monitors for student success.

Student Success Planning Team (SSPT) Rationale:

To provide additional support to meet the academic, social/emotional, and physical development of all William H. Hall High students.

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Throughout the school year, the Student Success Planning Team (SSPT) – a team comprised of Academic Service Providers (teachers and academic interventionists), Student Support Providers (school counselors, nurse, pupil services personnel, and community agency representatives), and an administrator - meet weekly to discuss the effectiveness of various interventions on the pyramid and how to fine-tune and improve the system. Students may be referred to one or more committees of the SSPT.

Student Success Planning is an individualized, student driven process that is designed to help every student to achieve post-secondary educational and career goals. The process is designed around three core components: Academic Development, Career Development, and Social, Emotional and Physical Development. These core components drive a series of experiences for students grades 9 - 12 that are delivered through: 1) whole school, or grade level, or course level experiences; 2) the School Counseling 6-12 Curriculum Framework; and 3) individual and online experiences with documentation (i.e., Bridges and Naviance). This process creates multiple opportunities for students to acquire and demonstrate academic, career, and personal life skills. It also provides students with on-going support to set and monitor goals for personal and academic growth and serves as an individualized, student-driven plan. The pyramid of student interventions, Scientific Research-Based Interventions (SRBI) Model, moves from least intense to highly individualized and intensive (bottom up), whereas students do not typically access more elevated/structured supports unless and until they have exhausted the more universal ones first.

Planning and Placement Team (PPT)

This team, comprised of the parent, special education teacher, classroom teacher, school counselor, appropriate related service staff members, and administrator, works with students referred by their parents/guardians, a teacher, or the principal. Once referred, this team of specialists assesses children’s needs and if a student if found eligible under IDEA, provides specialized instruction to meet individual student these needs in the classroom, in special classes, or in a resource room setting.

Pupil Services

Additional Student Support Services