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The Career Center is located at the end of the School Counseling wing.

All students and parents are welcome to visit the Career Center during school hours! The Career Center offers the following services:

1. College Information: College Information: Each fall, the Career Center hosts admission representatives from over 150 colleges and universities giving students the opportunity to interact with them in a small group setting.  An updated listing of all college visits can be found on Naviance. Students must sign up on Naviance prior to the visit in order to attend the presentation.

2. Career Exploration: For information about internship and job shadowing contact Maryanne Taft (maryanne_taft@whps.org). For information on peer mentor and mentor programs contact Carol Wilkas (carol_wilkas@whps.org).

3. Scholarships/Financial Aid:  View the updated listing of scholarships. This site should be checked on a continuing basis to be aware of currently available scholarships and qualifying criteria.

4. SAT and ACT registration information and review books are available in the Career Center.

5. Computers are available to students to explore careers and post secondary options as well as to log onto Family Connection through the Naviance site. The Career Center is also a quiet place to study for students, and they are welcome and encouraged to do so!

6. The Career Center is also a quiet place to study for students, and they are welcome and encouraged to do so!

7. Summer Educational and Pre College Opportunities

8. Summer Job Opportunities

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Student Activities, College & Career Center


A complete listing of available scholarships is located in Naviance. Be sure to check this regularly as new scholarships are added to Naviance as they become available!  Also, a link to current scholarships may be found below:


NEW Scholarship Document Request Form

Hall's CEEB code is 070-900.

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College Representative Visits


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