Hall's Main Hallway in front of Auditorium

Grade 10

Welcome Sophomore Students and Parents!


Student last names beginning with:

A-Ch: Mrs. Gasiewski
Ci-Gard: Mrs. Landers
Gare-Kn: Mrs. Evans
Ko-Paq: Mrs. Mahler
Par-Sh: Mrs. Olsen
Si-Z: Mrs. Smedberg

Assistant Principal Breakdown

Last name beginning with:

A-F: Kim Ambroise, Phone ext. 5102
G-N: Shelley Solomon,  Phone ext. 5104
O-Z: Sarah Isaacs,  Phone ext. 5103

Important Numbers

Main Office: 860-232-4561

School Counseling Office: 860-232-4561 ext. 5125 Jean Baril, School Counseling Secretary

Attendance: 860-232-4561 ext. 6599 (call in) or ext. 5140 - report all absences via the Attendance Office

Nurses: 860-232-4561 ext. 5115 (Kathy Wnuk) & ext. 5116 (Elizabeth Marcella)

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Tips for a Successful Sophomore Year


  • Get involved!
  • Take your PSATs in October (available for all sophomores).
  • Visit local college fairs. Conard has one in October!
  • Review Progress Reports and strategize how to be successful this year.


  • Review your PSAT Results.
  • Look through the Program of Studies and meet with your counselor for course selection.
  • Prepare for CAPT science testing in March.


  • Prepare for AP Exams and determine whether you should take SAT Subject Tests.
  • Plan for your summer and incorporate some work, academic, social experience.
  • Review your schedule before you leave for the summer. All schedule corrections should occur before the first day of school!


  • Complete summer reading assignments for English and Advanced Placement classes.
  • Do something! Work, volunteer, go to camp, take a summer class, travel, etc.

Important Dates for Sophomore Year 2018-2019

Sept-Dec Individual sophomore meetings with counselors
Sept. 26 Hall Curriculum Night 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Sept. 28 Deadline to add/drop ECE/UCONN courses (pre-registered students only)
Oct. 3 Quarter 1 progress reports
Oct. 10 PSAT testing (administration during the school day)
Oct. 10 Financial Aid Night- “How to Fund a College Education” at Conard 7:00 pm
Oct. 17 College Fair at Conard High School 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Nov. 7 End of Quarter 1 - report cards issued soon
Nov. 14 Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30 pm
Nov. 15 Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences 7:30-9:40 am
Dec. 12 Quarter 2 progress reports
Jan. 10 Gap Year Fair at Conard 6:30pm
Jan. 17-23 Midterm exams & end of Quarter 2/First Semester - report cards issued soon
February (TBD) Register for AP Exams - online registration link on Hall website
February 27 Quarter 3 progress reports
March 6 Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences 1:15-3:15 pm
April 2 & April 3 National College Fair at Hartford Expo Center (https://www.nacacfairs.org/)
April 5 Registration deadline for May 4th SAT Subject Tests (www.collegeboard.org)
April (TBD) Sophomore Spring Ahead Parent Program 7:40 AM
April-June (TBD) Registration window for junior year ECE/UCONN courses (ece.uconn.edu)
May 3 Registration deadline for June 1st SAT Subject Tests (www.collegeboard.org)
May 4 SAT Subject tests (Saturday administration)
May 8 Quarter 4 progress reports
May 6-17 AP Exam window (administration during the school day)
June 1 SAT Subject Tests (Saturday administration)
June 7-12 Final exams & end of Quarter 4/Second Semester - report cards issued soon
Revised 9/5/18

What Every Hall Student Family Needs to Know

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PowerSchool Parent Portal - https://powerschool.whps.org/public/
Graduation requirements & course descriptionsSee Program of Studies

Setting Up for Success!
What is available for academic support?

  • Teachers are available to assist with academic issues, study techniques, and extra help outside of class.
  • Writing Center - Open during the school day.  Staffed by an English teacher for academic support.
  • Warrior Math Center - Open during the school day. Staffed by a math teacher for academic support.
  • Peer tutors/mentors – Sign-up online or see school counselor.
  • Library/Homework Center - Open Mon, Tue, and Fri (7am-4pm) and Wed (7am-3pm)

How to get involved?

  • Student Activities Office & College/Career Center (located next to School Counseling Office) – provides
  • information about school clubs/activities and various community volunteer/job opportunities
  • Daily Announcements - posted on Hall website daily
  • Late Bus: Every Mon,Tue, Thur and Fri (4 pm) and Wed (3pm)

How can parents help?

  • Encourage healthy habits: nutrition, sleep, finding a healthy “balance” among school and extracurricular activities.
  • Provide a distraction free environment for homework and study time. Monitor technology use.
  • Discuss progress reports and report cards
  • Have open communication with teachers and school counselor - attend school sponsored programs and parent/teacher conferences. Email teachers with specific questions. Contact school counselor regarding any personal and/or academic concerns about your child.
  • Utilize PowerSchool to monitor your child’s academic progress and attendance as needed
  • Support and encourage after school activities
  • Help promote self-advocacy and problem solving skills
  • Allow teens to make mistakes and hold them accountable for poor choices
  • Communicate openly with your child - What are their goals? What are their interests? Who are their friends?

Three Ways Students Can Earn College Credit

Advanced Placement (AP)

Courses taken in grades 10-12

  • Register and pay in Feb. to take AP Exam in May.
  • Cost: Approx $90 per AP exam
  • Test scored on a scale of 1-5
  • Individual colleges decide what they will accept for college credit and/or course placement (usually an exam score of 3-5 is required).
  • More information is listed on Hall website and in the Program of Studies!

AP Biology*
AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Chinese Language & Culture
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles

AP Economics
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature & Composition
AP Environmental Science
AP French Language & Culture
AP Modern European History*
AP Physics I & AP Physics C
AP Psychology
AP Research
AP Seminar*
AP Spanish Language & Culture
AP Spanish Literature & Culture
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art
AP US History
AP US Government & Politics*

Early College Experience (ECE/UCONN)

Courses taken in grades 10-12

  • Students register online (ece.uconn.edu) in June prior to enrolling in course(s). There is a late registration deadline in the fall. Students cannot apply retroactively!
  • Potential college credits earned range from 3-8
  • Cost range: $90-$320 paid to ECE/UCONN (fee waivers available for eligible students)
  • More information is available on the Hall website, the Program of Studies, and at http://ece.uconn.edu/
  • Benefits of ECE? - College credit for ECE course grade of “C” or better (AP Exam is not required). Potential transfer credit to other colleges, not just UCONN! 


  • Advanced Literature 21st Century**
  • AP Biology*
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture
  • AP Economics
  • AP English Language**
  • AP English Literature**
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Physics I
  • AP Spanish Language
  • AP Statistics
  • AP U.S. History
  • Discrete Math
  • Individual & Family Development
  • Human Rights* 

*Sophomore year option

**College credit for only one ECE English course permitted 

Community College Program

Courses taken in grades 10-12, however students MUST apply to the College Career Pathways Program (CCP) in June-Sept of grades 10- 12 prior to taking courses. Students cannot apply retroactively!

  • No cost - this program is Free to Hall students!
  • Completed courses will apply toward college credit at
  • participating CT community colleges.
  • Applications available in the School Counseling Office
  • and/or classroom teachers of CCP eligible courses. 


  • Accounting*
  • Algebra II (Level I and Level II only)*
  • Early Childhood Careers*
  • Financial Literacy*
  • Game & Web Design*

*Sophomore year option