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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Credit and Categories - Class of 2023 and Beyond

General Humanities (9 credits)

All English, Social Studies, ESOL, Reading  Courses

  • HSEN English
  • HSSS Social Studies
  • SARD Assisted Reading
  • BSRD Basic Skills Reading

*RE (REACH) and ST (STRIVE) courses in these subjects

Family Consumer Science Courses

  • HSFC2491Intro to Early Childhood
  • HSFC4491 Early Childhood Careers & Exploration
  • HSFC2460 Human Relations
  • HSFC 6610 Introduction to the Individual/Family Development
Arts/Applied Arts Humanities (.5 credits)

All Arts Courses

  • HSAR Arts
  • HSMU Music
  • HSTA Theater

*RE (REACH) and ST (STRIVE) courses in these subjects

Applied Arts Courses: Family and Consumer Science Courses

  • HSFC2470 Introductory Foods
  • HSFC4481 Baking & Pastry Arts
  • HSFC4470 Culinary Arts
  • HSFC6420 Careers in Food
  • HSFC7420 Leadership in Culinary Arts
  • HSFC4472 Regional & International Cuisine
  • HSFC2450 Introduction to Fashions
  • HSFC2451 Retail Fashions & Merchandising
  • HSTE2411 Graphic Design & Photography I
  • HSTE4411 Graphic Design & Photography II
  • HSTE8412 Digital Media & Video Production
  • HSTE6511 Graphic Design Capstone
  • HSTE2420 Engineering and Architectural Design
World Language (1 credit)

All World Language Courses

  • HSLC Chinese
  • HSLS Spanish
  • HSLF French
  • HSLG Greek
  • HSLL Latin
  • HSLA American Sign
General STEM (9 Credits)

All Math, Science, Computer Science, Technology Ed and Business Ed Courses

  • HSMA Math
  • SNMA Special Needs Math
  • SAMA Assisted Math
  • HSSC Science
  • HSCS Computer Science
  • HSTE Technology Education
  • HSBU5450  Advanced Finance and Investments
  • HSBU2400 Accounting I
  • HSBU4400 Accounting II
  • HSBU2453  Financial Literacy

*RE (REACH) and ST (STRIVE) courses in these subjects

Humanities or STEM Credits
  • HSSS8702 AP Psychology
  • HSSS8700 AP Economics
  • HSTE2411 Graphic Design & Photography I
  • HSTE4411 Graphic Design & Photography II
  • HSTE8412 Digital Media & Video Production
  • HSTE6511 Graphic Design Capstone
  • HSFC7500 EMS-Health Careers Exploration
  • HSTE2420 Engineering and Architectural Design
Wellness Education (1 PE/1 HTH)
  • HSPE7452 9th Grade Wellness (.25 PE/.25 HTH)

  • HSPE7453 10th Grade Wellness (.25 PE/.25 HTH)

  • HSPE7951 Personal Fitness & Nutrition

  • HSPE7551 Lifetime Activities & Sustainable Living

  • HSPE7652 Team Sport & Leadership Concepts and Strategies
  • HSPE7454 Cooperative Physical & Health Education Strategies
  • HSPE7851 Group and Personal Wellbeing
  • HSPE7751 Exploration of Peer & Personal Safety
  • HSPE7651 Transitioning Beyond High School
General Electives (4 Credits)

PowerSchool will add any course to the category of General Electives once students have earned the required number of credits in each of the categories above.

  • HSCC5700 AP Seminar
  • HSCC7700 AP Research
  • HSBU2452 Entrepreneurship: Intro to Business
  • HSBU4450 Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  • HSBU4452 International Business
  • HSBU6450 Student Teaching Assistant
  • HSBU6451 Student Teaching Assistant
  • HSSA1301 Executive Functioning Study Skills I
  • HSSA1302 Executive Functioning Study Skills II
  • HSSA1300 Language Arts Content Support I
  • HSSA1305 Language Arts Content Support II
  • HSSA6060 Career Academic Vocational Experience
  • REBS1200 Skills Seminar
  • REBU6440 Career Exploration
  • REBU6441 Career Internship: Cooperative Work Exp
  • REBU6492 Learn thru Internship
  • REBU6493 Cooperative Work Experience
  • STBS1200 Study Skills
  • STSA6061 CAVE Lab
  • STSA6060 Career and Vocational Education
  • HSSA6070 Vocational/Work Experience I
  • HSSA8020 Vocational/Work Experience II
  • HSSN0010 Activities of Daily Living
  • HSSN0011 Social Skills for Independent Living
  • HSSN0030 Vocational Skills for the Workplace
  • HSSA6020 Vocational/Work Experience I
  • BSBS1200 Skills Seminar
  • HSSA1304 Language Arts Content Support II
Mastery Experience (1 Credit)
  • HSCC8700 Mastery Experience
  • HSCC8750 Mastery Experience Seminar