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Loaner Laptop Program


Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

The West Hartford Public Schools provide access to technology to support teaching and learning as well as to promote communication and collaboration. We are pleased to announce that a limited number of laptops will be available for students to check out for home use through the library media center. Laptops will be issued for a period of two weeks, but may be checked out from time to time throughout the school year. Students and parents must sign the Technology Equipment Loan Agreement prior to signing out the laptop for the first time. If at any time you no longer want your child to participate in this program you must notify the school in writing.

These laptops are equipped with 24/7 mobile access which means there does not need to be an Internet or wifi connection at home to access online resources. Students may use these laptops for educational and research purposes, but with 24/7 access parental advisory is encouraged. Please review the Administrative Guidelines for Responsible Use of Technology with your child as well as any expectations that you set for your own family.  For more information on safe and responsible use of technology please visit CyberCompass —A West Hartford Internet Awareness Initiative. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Dan Zittoun

Important Information and Troubleshooting Tips

  • There are 10 laptops available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Each laptop comes with built in wifi, but can connect to any wifi, which is strongly recommended. *You must re-connect to wifi every time you start the computer.

  • All WHPS filters are loaded on laptops for safety.

  • All work must be saved to student Google accounts or a flash drive-work saved on the computer will be deleted and gone forever upon shutdown.

  • Students must adhere to the Administrative Guidelines for Reponsible use of Technology

  • The Technology Equipment Loan Agreement must be filled out by a parent/guardian prior to signing out the laptop