Hall's Main Hallway in front of Auditorium

School Development Plan 2018-2019


exterior photo at Hall High School

Hall High School prepares all students to be educated, responsible citizens who contribute collaboratively, independently, and innovatively to a dynamic global community.

Goal One: Advance achievement for all students and reduce disparity between and among groups.

  • Use the Model of Continuous Improvement within school and department planning and teacher goal setting

  • Reduce disparities in achievement for all students

Goal Two: Nurture the intellectual, physical and emotional well-being of students and create a safe and respectful learning community where all students are held to high expectations.

  • Create classroom cultures that promote active and productive student engagement

  • Build the capacity and cultural proficiency of teachers and staff

Goal Three: Attract, retain and develop high quality staff by providing professional development resources and appropriate learning environments.

  • Self-directed professional learning

  • Provide leadership opportunities for continued growth

Hall will use the Model of Continuous Improvement to reflect on group and individual practices to ensure achievement for all students. Building and district instructional focus areas will be aligned to allow for greater understanding and depth in classroom practices. Specifically, Establishing Goals to Focus Learning, Facilitate Meaningful Discourse, and Elicit Evidence of Student Thinking will be the instructional practices we focus on. This will ultimately lead to increased graduation rates, school engagement, and access to college-level courses by all students. 

Hall will nurture the intellectual, physical and emotional well-being of students by creating classroom cultures that promote respect, and celebrate similarities and differences among all students. By introducing the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model, the staff will help create a safer and more respectful learning environment where are students are held to high expectations. Additionally, as a school, we will focus on Family Engagement as a means to build stronger connections with students.

Hall will continue to attract, retain and develop high quality staff by continuing to work collectively on efficacy and individual areas of growth. Through strategic programming, we will continue to mentor beginning teachers at Hall with multiple layers of support. Through self-directed learning, staff will be able to focus on individual areas of growth. Hall will continue to find innovative ways to attract talent that is reflective of our overall school population including but not limited to the Future Educators of Diversity (FEOD) program.