Part II: Building Information & Resources

exterior photo at Hall High School

Offices and General Services

Main Office

The Main Office is the hub of the school and houses the administrative team: principal, assistant principals, and Main Office secretarial staff. Some of the primary functions of the Main Office include:

  • sign-in/out point for all visitors to the school (see Visitor Information section above)
  • information on transportation/bus schedules & bus passes
    - Permanent bus passes are printed on the student ID. Hall does not issue bus passes and does not control bus routes. The Board of Education Transportation Office (860-561-6647) issues bus passes. Specific information about bus schedules (pick up & drop off times) are available by calling the Transportation Office. Students must live 2 miles or more from Hall to be eligible for transportation. Bus eligibility for new students is issued through the Board of Education Residency Office (860-561-6620).
    • Late buses are provided for students who stay after school to participate in school activities, receive extra help from a teacher, attend the Library/Media Center, or serve a detention. The late buses depart at approximately 4:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays). The athletic buses depart at approximately 6:00 p.m.
    • Students who lose their ID may obtain a temporary replacement bus pass in the Main Office for their assigned bus only. Students may not ride on other buses (not their own).
  • information about school events
    • Information about school events/happenings are also communicated to students and families via Hall website, newsletters, mailings, emails, morning announcements, and media screens in the hallways.
  • working papers/insurance forms
    • Working papers for employment in Connecticut may be obtained in the main office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. State of Connecticut requires:
               - written promise of a job from employer
               - evidence of age (birth certificate or driver’s license)
  • lunch account information & free/reduced lunch forms
  • appointments with the principal or assistant principals
  • discipline matters
  • lost/stolen items
  • collecting work for absent students
    • If students are absent for extended periods of time (in excess of 10 days) and have homebound tutors assigned to them, parents or tutors may pick up and drop off homework/assignments from teachers in the main office.
  • school/district policy & procedures
  • permission for fundraising and solicitation (must consult administration)

School Counseling Office

The West Hartford School Counseling Program is based on the belief that every student is important and unique. Our mission is to guide all students toward the best possible educational opportunities in a supportive environment, while promoting an understanding of self and others. School counselors strive to provide students with the skills necessary to become productive and healthy citizens. The School Counseling Program is developmental by design, focusing on the needs, interests and issues related to the various stages of student growth in three domains: personal/social, academic and career/post-secondary planning.

The School Counseling Department provides a program that is comprehensive and developmental in nature and is sequential and designed for all students. Some of the primary functions of the school counselor are:

  • scheduling
  • academic counseling
  • resolving personal/social conflict
  • post-secondary planning
  • developmental counseling (delivered through a structured school counseling curriculum)

Students may meet with their school counselor individually, in small groups, or in a classroom setting. School counselors provide educational counseling, career planning, post-secondary planning and personal counseling. Each student is assigned to a school counselor. Although school counselors may often initiate an appointment, parents and students are encouraged to make an appointment with their school counselor when necessary.

Career Center & Student Activities Center

The Career Center is located in the far corner of the school, attached to the School Counseling Office, and is staffed by the Student Activities Director/Career Center Coordinator. Students can access a variety of information in the Career Center such as:
resources on preparation for standardized tests such as the SAT & ACT.

  • scholarship information
  • student awards & honors
  • class advisors and honor societies
  • regional college rep visits (schedule can be accessed through Naviance)
  • local work, volunteer & job shadowing information/opportunities
  • peer tutoring program (request form)
  • student clubs & activities (Clubs & Activities)
  • quiet place to study
  • posting flyers and advertising in the school
    • Students may post information about specific events or groups relating to Hall, Conard, other West Hartford public schools, The Bridge Family Center, and the Town of West Hartford with permission and approval by the Student Activities Director. Notices may be hung on the bulletin boards. Nothing may be hung on the following: painted surfaces, stairway walls, wooden doors, or glass display cases. Students must take down posters and announcements and remove tape on the day following an event.
    • All student requests for posting must be reviewed by the principal or the principal’s designee (Student Activities Coordinator). The review process may eliminate those posters that are considered to be obscene, libelous, vulgar, or inconsistent with Hall’s core values, beliefs, vision, and mission.

Pupil Services Department

The Pupil Services Department provides a variety of supports for students and parents. The school psychologist and school social workers are available to students seeking assistance for personal/social issues or concerns. The Pupil Services Department Supervisor oversees the identification, program development, and program placement services for students who are mandated as special education and monitors compliance with State and Federal regulations. Questions about Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and services can be directed to the Pupil Services Supervisor or the office paraprofessional. Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings are scheduled by the office paraprofessional and are held in the Pupil Services Conference Room (within the Pupil Services Department). Case managers’ and special education teachers’ offices/classrooms are located throughout the building, and they can be reached by email or calling their individual extensions.

Athletics Office

The Athletics Office is where students can get information or assistance from the Athletic Director or Administrative Assistant regarding the following:

  • signing up for a team sport
  • help with equipment or supplies
  • information on game and practice schedules
  • contacting a coach
  • locating the trainer

In addition, most other sports-related information, such as sign-ups, tryouts, preparation (such as concussion testing for impact sports), and game & practice schedules can be accessed through the Hall Athletics webpage at Hall Athletics. Finally, for student-athletes that are contemplating playing Divisional Sports at the collegiate level, information on the process is available in the Program of Studies.

Attendance Office

The Attendance Office is where students should report to as soon as they enter the building whenever they come in to school tardy or immediately prior to exiting whenever they have to leave early for any reason. The Attendance Office is also a place where students who have been absent more than 3 consecutive school days may request missing work/assignments. Missing work/assignments can be picked up in the main office. They can also obtain up-to-date information about the school attendance policy, attendance records, the attendance appeals process, forgotten locker combinations and locker assignments.

Parents should contact the Attendance Office by phone or by dropping off a signed excusal note for any student who is absent or tardy to a class. Students under the age of 18 are expected to produce signed notes excusing them from their absences or tardies. Please see Part IV for more specific information regarding the school and district attendance policies.

Students are assigned a locker with either a padlock or a built-in lock. Personal padlocks on unassigned lockers will be removed along with the locker contents. Students are responsible for the padlock, whether lost or stolen. The cost for replacing a missing padlock is $10.00. The school reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time, as lockers are a part of the school’s property. The school is not responsible for any property lost or stolen from the locker. Students should notify the Student Relations Coordinator in the Attendance Office with any locker problem or concern.

Locker Rules

  • No writing on or defacing lockers
  • Items of value or money should not be kept in lockers
  • For students’ protection, the combination must not be given to any other person
  • No more than one person can use a locker
  • Students should use lockers only during passing time, before school, and after school

Health Services (Nurse’s) Office

The Health Services (Nurse’s) Office is located immediately on the right upon entering the gym entrance of Hall (across from the Athletics Office). Apart from caring for students who are not feeling well, the Nurse’s Office houses medical records and provides additional resources such as wheelchairs and elevator keys for students who need them. Elevator keys are available in the Nurse’s Office for individuals in need of handicap access. If the key is not returned, a $10.00 fee will be charged.

The school nurses also hold records for any students who are on medical plans which are formalized plans for students according to their individual medical needs (which do not directly impact school performance). The nurse can answer questions pertaining to health and safety and assist in the scheduling of student-athlete sports physicals.

Prescribed medication, with the original prescription label affixed, MUST be stored in the Nurse’s Office and be administered by the nurse with a written doctor’s order.

*No student should leave campus due to illness without being first seen and then dismissed by the school nurse.*

Nutrition Services (Cafeteria)

Nutrition Services is located in the cafeteria and serves breakfast from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (9:00 a.m. on Wednesdays) and offers hot and cold lunches and nutritious snacks throughout the school day. The lunch waves are during periods 4-7.
Students are assigned one period for lunch. Food and trays are to remain within the cafeteria. Students are responsible for cleaning up their table or area when finished eating. Students must report to the cafeteria or courtyard (or the library with a pass if they choose not to have lunch) during their lunch period.

Juniors and Seniors may use the cafeteria for conversation or a break when they do not have a class during periods 1-3; these students may eat in the area where the snack bar is located, reserving the other side of the cafeteria for study or conversation. Juniors and seniors may use their I.D. to leave the cafeteria at any time.

Freshmen and Sophomores are only allowed in the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period. Freshmen and sophomores who need to meet with a staff member during their lunch period must obtain a pass from that person in advance, allowing the student to leave the cafeteria for the appointment.

Food and drink are allowed in classrooms only with the teacher’s prior permission.

Costs: Lunches cost $3.25 and include a hot or cold entree or sandwich and one portion each of vegetable, fruit and milk. Non-meat options are available daily. All other items are a-la-carte and students will be charged accordingly. Salad Bar as a meal costs $3.50.

Breakfast meal packages are available for $1.50 and include a breakfast entree, fruit or juice and milk. Breakfast items may also be purchased a-la-carte.

Pre-paid Accounts: Parents may set up a lunch account through the cafeteria by submitting a check to Nutrition Services for a minimum of $45.00. Parents may indicate a daily spending limit for their children. The amount spent will be tracked on the computer system and the student will be notified when the account is low. Upon receipt of payment, the account will be updated. The website address for paying with a credit or debit card is PAYPAMS.COM.

Students will use their student ID number on the register keypad to purchase food.

Free and Reduced Meals: The National School Meal Program is governed by Federal regulations. During the first week of school, a letter and an application are given to all students to be filled out by a parent/guardian who wishes to apply for this program. Completed applications should be returned to Mrs. Tofil in the Main Office. Applications will be reviewed and all applicants will be notified of the results. Applications are accepted at any time during the school year, and approval covers both breakfast and lunch meals. Applications must be re-submitted at the beginning of each school year. Students use their student ID to key in at any cafeteria cash register station, and the cash register automatically records meals under free or reduced-price status. A student’s free or reduced-price meal status will carry over until October 15, 2018, and then the status will change to full price meals if an application is not re-submitted.

Students are expected to act appropriately and with consideration for the rights of others. There are many students who will use the cafeteria during the school day. Every student deserves to find the cafeteria clean and litter-free. Students are expected to return trays and to deposit trash and paper to the proper receptacles.

Library/Media Center

The Library is a flexible access, resource-based environment available to all students and staff before, during and after school. Print resources include fiction, nonfiction and reference materials. Electronic resources include 57 desktop computers in the Library and adjacent classroom, as well as Chromebooks for use in the Library. Digital resources include digital image and audio recording equipment, as well as online access to subscription databases, e-books and audiobooks, and other research and information resources through the Library’s website. Students may also check out laptops from the Library for up to 2 weeks at a time. Most of these mobile learning devices can connect to the West Hartford network from anywhere in the town, allowing students to go online and access such sites as PowerSchool and Google Classroom.

The Library opens at 7:15 a.m. and closes at 3:45 p.m., except for Wednesdays, when it closes at 2:45 p.m. The Homework Center staff manages the Library after the last bell. All students must sign in upon entering the Library. Students in grades 9 and 10 coming from study hall or lunch may use the Library after having first obtained a pass from a subject area teacher. Study hall teachers and staff in the cafeteria cannot provide passes to students. Students in grade 11 and 12 may use the Library during any unassigned period.

The main area of the Library is intended to be used for quiet work (individual study, research and reading), while productive collaboration for small groups of up to six students should occur in the Collaboration Room. Students may sign up to use the Collaboration Room for a particular period at the beginning of that period. Neither the main area of the Library nor the Collaboration Room should be used as a social alternative to study hall or the cafeteria. Inappropriate behavior in the Library will result in standard disciplinary action along with a potential loss of Library privileges. In addition to a behavior referral, the first infraction for misbehavior in the Library will typically involve a meeting with the student’s assistant principal. Subsequent infractions, in addition to a behavioral referral, will often result in suspension from the Library, which may range from a single day up to two weeks or more, depending upon the severity of the disruption and the frequency of incidents attributed to the student(s) in question.

Finally, students are expected to clear all debts (if notified) through the Library by speaking to a Library staff member.

Writing Center

The Writing center is located adjacent to the library in room B132. The Writing Center is available to all students and is staffed by a certified English teacher during specified periods and days. Students may come to the Writing Center during their lunch (with a pass) or study hall to work on any writing assignments they have in any subject areas. The teachers that staff the Writing Center can help students plan, organize, and construct their writing.  More Information

Security Office

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a member of the West Hartford Police Department and is assigned to Hall High School for the school year. Their central mission is to ensure the safety and security of every student in the building and promote community relations. The officer also works in/through classes as a law-related teacher/resource, as a community liaison, and as a positive role model for students.

Security has an office in room E121 as well, but the security staff is usually found in the cafeteria or the corridors, and may be consulted for:

  • parking permits for students in grades 11 and 12
  • lost items/stolen items
  • concerns about personal safety/security
  • replacement of lost ID ($5.00 REPLACEMENT CHARGE)

School and Community Resources

Phone Numbers and Web Contacts


Emergency Police/Fire/EMS
Phone: 911

Confidential Crisis Hotline
Phone: 211

Poison Control
Phone: 1 800 222 1222

Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline
Phone: 1 888 999 5545

Phone: 911

Mobile Assessment Services/Suicide Hotline 
Phone: 211

The Bridge Youth Shelter
Phone: 860 521 6890


Infoline for any service or program
Phone: 211

Bullying or Report Suspected Bullying

Child Abuse Care Line (DCF)
Phone: 800 842 2288

Continuing Education/GED/ESOL
Phone: 860 651 6900

Gambling Helpline
Phone: 800 346 6238


The Bridge Family Center
Phone: 860 521 8035

Institute of Living
Phone: 860 545 7200

Jewish Family Services
Phone: 860 236 1927

Wheeler Clinic
Phone: 800 793 3588


Interval House
Phone: 860 527 0050


Institute of Living
Phone: 860 545 7203

Main & Weinstein
Phone: 860 313 4431


True Colors
Phone: 860 232 0050

PFLAG (Family/Ally Org)
Phone: 860 785 0909


The Cove
Phone: 203 634 0500

West Hartford Social Services - emergency assistance with food, energy, and housing
Phone: 860 561 7561


CT Children's Medical Center
Phone: 860 545 9200

Hartford Hospital 
Phone: 860 545 0000

Saint Francis Hospital
Phone: 860 714 4001

UConn Health Center
Phone: 860 679 2588


HUSKY Healthcare for Uninsured Children & Youth
Phone: 877 284 8759


Legal Aid
Phone: 800 453 3320


Routine Calls - West Hartford
Phone: 860 523 5203


Teen Room (WH Public Library)
Phone: 860 561 6996

WH Teen Center (The Bridge)
Phone: 860 313 1119

Phone: 860 521 5830


Planned Parenthood
Phone: 860 953 6201


Alcoholics Anonymous

Phone: 888 825 2666

The Bridge Family Center
Phone: 860 521 8035

Narcotics Anonymous
Phone: 800 627 3543

The Next Right Thing
Phone: 860 233 8803

UConn Health - T-TAAD Program
Phone: 860 679 8478


  • Tips for school administrators for reinforcing school safety
  • Talking to children about violence – Tips for parents and teachers
  • Disaster: Developing a Crisis Response Plan
  • Coping with crisis – Helping Children with Special Needs
  • Helping Children Cope: Tips for Parents and Educators
  • Dealing with Death in the Schools
  • School Crisis Aftermath: Care for the Caregivers
  • Death and Grief